Tubular Skylights

Maximise sunlight transmission due to its unique design

Maximise Sunglight

Tubular Skylights maximise Sunlight transmission due to its unique design, allowing it to be effective from Dawn to Dusk, even with low Sunlight intensities.

Some of the Benefits are:

  • Energy – Efficient
  • Produce more Light than traditional Skylights
  • Thermally Insulated
  • Carry Light to Lower Floors
  • Affordable

We also stock SQUARE Tubular Skylights

Tubular Slate
Tubular Light


Tubular Skylights offer value for money, comes in a range of sizes and options:

  • ECOTUBE Transports Sunlight
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Efficient & Compact 
  • Energy Saver 
  • Latest Technology 
  • Variety of Locations


Sun Tunnel3

Velux Sun Tunnel

  • Sun Tunnel Skylight is perfect for a sleek look
  • Matches your existing Velux Roof Windows


Tubular Skylights

An ECOTUBE Light Tube System transports natural daylight into areas where conventional pitched or flat roof windows cannot be used. Available with a ‘rigid’ or ‘flexible’ light tube, to suit your roof design.

Variety of Sizes

Available in a Variety of Sizes:

  • 250mm – Covers 12 sq m
  • 320mm – Covers 20 sq m
  • 450mm – Covers 30 sq m

Efficient & Compact

Sunlight is reflected from the surface of the light tube and is directed downwards towards the diffuser. The diffuser which is located in the ceiling, evenly dispenses natural light, lighting the room. A Sunlite system can make up the main lighting in a room or add additional natural light to a dark area.

Features & Benefits

Saves on energy and transforms dark or windowless rooms. Ideal for bathrooms, stairways and corridors. Selection of Ceiling diffusers with white ceiling trim. Reduce the need for additional ceiling fittings by integrating the Light Fitting option to any ECOTUBE rigid system.

Latest Technology

Components made by ISO 9001: 2008 Registered Companies

Variety of Locations

Perfect for small areas, bathrooms, passage ways

Suitable for a Variety of Roof Profiles

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