Roof Windows

The perfect choice to bring in sunlight and fresh air into your home.

We Stock The Following Sizes

Roof Windows are available in the following standard sizes:

(custom sizes are available on order)

W x L (mm) Size Options
550 x 980
780 x 980
660 x 1180
780 x 1180
1140 x 1180
780 x 1400
1140 x 1400 ✓ (Available On Order)


Why Roof Windows

Roof Windows are perfect for the Kitchen, Bathroom or Roof Rooms, especially in areas where the ceiling is within reach. Where the ceiling is out of reach we can use an extendable rod or motorised options.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Direct Light
  • Good Ventilation
  • Thermal Heating
  • Sound Insulation
  • Energy Conservation


All Roof Window come with Toughened, Double Glazing Glass, which are SANS Glazing compliant. 



We offer assited operating mechanisms, such as Remote Control motors (essential if you want a vented window set high above in the roof), with optional extras such as Rain Sensors or Solar Powered Options.



We only use custom made alluminiun or chromodeck flashing (no lap and pap flashing)



Combination Flashing

The WINLUX range of Combination Flashing Systems allows any of the standard WINLUX Roof Windows to be installed in vertical, horizontal or group blocks. Standard distance between window frames = 100mm· Variations on request, please contact us for more information.

Waterproof Flashing

Quality Winlux flashings with water guides to channel rain. WINLUX Flashing Kits are the most efficient way to ensure a watertight installation for your windows and have been designed to integrate efficiently with specific roofing materials.
The installer friendly instructions and one-piece bottom apron ensure easy first time fitting

Ventilation Flashing

The ventilation flap can be opened to allow fresh air circulation even when the window is still fully locked.

Double Glazing

Double glazed. Low E-Glass Winlux Skylight

Low E-Glass & Thermal Insulation

Glazing U-value : 1.1w / m2k Window U-value: 1.4w / m2k Glass code: G-3 Glazing: 4-16-4mm Low E-safety glass

Centre Pivot

Our most versatile window, suitable for single or multiple applications in any roof with a pitch of 15°-90°. The opening handle is conveniently placed at the top of the window and also controls ventilation, giving the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked and secure.

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