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We stock an extensive range of products, as well as custom made solutions.  

Roof Windows

Roof Windows allow you to bring in the fresh air into your home. Perfect for kitchen, bathrooms, or areas where the ceiling is within reach, such as roof rooms.

Econolite Skylights

Perfect for flat roofs. Available in openable and non-openable units as well as different sizes.

Dome Skylights

Use the power of the Sun to brighten dark areas in your house. Dome lite offers comfortable and brighter living areas. Available in a variety of sizes.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular are perfect for the hidden areas in your home. Use the Sun to brighten and lighten up those dark areas. We also stock SQUARE Tubular units.

Pyramid Skylights

Beautiful design and perfect to absorb and direct maximum sunlight. We offer Acrylic (Fixed) and Glass units and in a variety of sizes.

Access Hatch


Access Hatch for easy access and maximum opening spaces.



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